What makes our bands
different from a traditional helmet?

Our studied and published outcomes for symmetry improvement, baby comfort
and family satisfaction scores routinely outperform the traditional helmets.
100% of surveyed parents said they would go through the process with us and our program again if needed.

Less than 1/2 the weight, 1/3 of the thickness of traditional helmets Lightweight and low profile.
Environmentally Friendly
Biodegradable materials, low energy fabrication techiques, and 95% less manufacturing waste.
Engineered Ventilation
Keeps baby comfortable and healthy. Tests show that our bands are 4° cooler inside compared to traditional helmets.
Our bands have undergone rigorous safety tests and are Health Canada licensed.
Gel-infused padding to provide all day all night comfort and reduced band movement.
Custom Made
Made based on exact 3D head scans. The 3D image emerges on screen as you scan allowing for real-time feedback. Quicker lead times means we can fit within 7 x days.

Our Cranial Bands

The efficiency of our Cranial Band design and manufacturing system allow for effective treatment throughout the infant’s entire head growth period. Our program has many options that allow us to keep treating until everyone is happy with the head shape and the skull is firm and baby is mobile enough that regression is no longer a concern. No worries about the flat spot ever coming back again!


Our Cranial Remodelling Orthosis band that treats the medical level severities for infants with head shape abnormalities.


Our preventative/cosmetic band to treat non-medical cases of Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly.


Our corrective band aim to retain the shape of the head and keep the positive gain made after SNUGKAP or NAPKAP.


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